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Online Prayer Requests - Let Us Pray For You

First Church Palo Alto asks you to Pray for...

We hold in our prayers...

Those who are in need of healing prayer:

Sherry Bender, Hamilton Chin, Betsy Scroggs, Andrew Birrell, Carol Carpenter, Steve Smith, Emilie Sweet, Lola Sapigao, Rene Dupaloc, Joanne Blackburn, Shi-En Hing, Jeanne Brunk, Tom Ovenshine, Dee Dee Zawaydah, Michelle White, Elizabeth Center, Lela Jones, Ruth Smith, Vivian Sarmago, Meg Ferguson, Emmanuel Vallesteros, Gary Heim, and Julie Lopez.

Those serving overseas:

Missionary partner Paul Jeffrey

Those who have died:

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Let us pray for you

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