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Join us in Worship

English Worship Services

AngelsJan05Aisle400300.jpgWe offer three weekly worship celebrations. All are welcome.

Sunday Services
You are invited to join us for worship every Sunday morning.


Upstream is held at 8:45 am on Sunday mornings in the Chapel.

Upstream features music on contemporary musical instruments that is vibrant and soul-filled.

Traditional Service:

• Our Traditional Service starts at 10:45 am on Sunday mornings and is held in the Sanctuary.

For more information on our services please visit our Visitor's Info page or contact the Church Office 650-323-6167.

We also have services in the Fijian and Tongan languages.

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8:45 am Sunday - Upstream Worship

UpstreamLogo150124.jpg Join us weekly worship every Sunday at 8:45 am in the Chapel.

Upstream features:

• Music on contemporary musical instruments that is vibrant and soul-filled.
• Media and artistic expressions that illumine our spiritual journey
• Participatory elements: interactivity, movement

Think vibrant, flexible, family-friendly. The exact "liturgy" of the worship may change from week to week; the music style, instrumentation and leadership configuration may vary; how much and what kind of "movement" may fluctuate. The details may twist, turn, and dance -- but these essentials of music, media, message and movement will always be there as we strive to connect with the flow of the Spirit of God within this community.

We invite you to come check it out Sunday mornings at 8:45 am in the Chapel , and please bring your friends.

For more information contact Pastor Linda 650-323-6167 x101

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10:45 am Traditional Sunday Worship Service

If you are looking for a vibrant spirit-filled service with a relevant message and strong musical heritage, then our 10:45 am service in the Sanctuary will nourish your soul.

Experience the expected…. and the unexpected!

While our pastors and Chancel Choir may be wearing robes, the 10:45 service builds on and enhances Methodist church traditions.

Music is an integral part of our worship celebration...
One week our sanctuary may be filled with the sound of our children singing, while another week it could be anything from our ukulele strummers to our chamber music group. And each month we look forward to the Tongan Youth Choir and Band getting us all up on our feet clapping along to their inspiring sound.

Each week...
You’ll hear God’s good news proclaimed with passion and joy, and you’ll be motivated by creative and strategic thinking about how we all can integrate Christ’s mission into the life of the larger community.

Children are always welcome to join us in worship...
And before worship begins they are invited to be a part of our 9:45 am Children's Sunday School.

We also invite adults to be a part of one of our Sunday morning small groups and classes.

We join together with our Fijian and Tongan brothers and sisters on the first Sunday of every month for a joint Communion service. All are welcome at the Table.

And if you can’t join us in person, we invite you to worship with us online every Sunday morning at 10:45 am at www.firstpaloalto.com/live.

Come worship with us, pray with us, sing with us, and praise God with us every Sunday morning at 10:45 am. You are welcome here!

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Live Worship Webcast

     • Can't join us in person for worship?
     • Traveling?
     • Live out of the area?

     Now you can join us for worship online every Sunday at 10:45am

Just go to www.firstpaloalto.com/live to view the live video webcast.

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First Tongan United Methodist Church of Palo Alto

The First Tongan United Methodist Church of Palo Alto shares our facilities.

Their services are conducted mostly in the Tongan language.

On the first Sunday of every month First Church and the members of the First Tongan Church join together at 10:45am for a combined worship service. This service is in English and communion is served.

The remaining Sundays of the month they worship in the Sanctuary at 1 PM. They also have a weekly 7 PM service on Wednesdays.

For more information, please contact the Church Office at (650) 323-6167.

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Lotu Vakaviti @ 2:00 ena vei Sigatabu

A Fijian fellowship is part of our Church.

Their services are conducted in the Fijian language.

They worship in our Chapel on Sundays at 2:00 pm

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Videos Of Our Worship Services

VideoConsole175114.jpgDid you know that DVD's, videotapes (and audiotapes) of our worship services are available?

Five high quality cameras – purchased with Memorial funds – record the 10:25am service, as well as memorial services. VHS Videotapes of three month’s services are kept in the Church Library and available for loan.

For minimal cost, DVD's and videotapes can be purchased as a keepsake, or to send to friends or relatives. For example: a videotape of a service of baptism could be sent to out-of-state grandparents. Or you might want to start a library of special performances by our choirs.

Visit the Church Library or contact the church office for information.

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Join us in worship this Sunday:

8:45 am – Upstream (a casual service)

10:45 am – Traditional Service (with choir and organ)

1:00 pm – Tongan language worship service

2:00 pm – Fijian language worship service

Can't make it to church? Watch our 10:45 am service online.